7 Jan 2011

Forever Floral Florilège

Now that the apotheosis of Winter has died down in a flurry of pine needles and discarded wrapping paper, and a brand new year is slowly unfolding to us with the promise of yet unbroken resolutions, what we seem to be resolute about is for a ray of sunshine to beam across our path, with floral enchantment breaking down the inclement weather all-around, so we may bask in the ephemeral reminiscence of Spring and the joys it comforts us in...

Pict 1-5: Respectively (1) Spray Flowers, (2) Briar Rose, (3) Rose, (4) Provence Rose, and (5) Candy Flowers, all by Cath Kidston, a lady of vision whose kitsch floral fabric designs have never been so popular than right now, thanks to the vintage revival scene. The company has even rescuscitated the word 'chintz' for one of its patterns, yes the once-doomed little word back at the height of the naughty noughties - and Ikea's bête noire - that conjured up ideas of fuddy-duddy style, tea-cosies and general old-fashioned grannytude! Pict 6: Crochet double-sided gift wrap, by Smock (set of 2 USD$8.00). Pict 7: Blossoms on Green letterpress calendar handbound book, by Brooklyn-based Campbell Raw Press, also available via Felt & Wire (USD$35.00).

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