17 Mar 2011

One Cut Above with Lazerian

Lazerian is the brainchild of Manchester-born furniture designer and experimentalist Liam Hopkins who, with fellow designers Richard Sweeney and Jason Chart Davies and under the supervision of pet mascot Gerald, offers a small yet perfectly formed range of innovative hand-finished structural home objects and furniture pieces, predominantly birch plywood-based, with top-end machine-cutting technology as the common denominator, illustrated here by the lampshade range that will be sure to get the full attention of residents and their guests and stimulate those dinner-party conversations. We couldn't resist adding the pièce de résistance at the end of this feature, namely the surprising cardboard-made "Radiolarian Sofa", inspired by structural forms in nature - most noticeably a wasp nest - and by the crystalline bone structure of those microscopic sea organisms that go by the name of... radiolaria.

Source: All above photography from Lazerian. Respectively (1) Borealis Lamp Shade, (2) Fornax Lamp Shade, (3) Indus Lamp Shade, (4) Modulator Light Shade, and (5) Radiolarian Sofa. The company was featured by Designersblock @ Interiors 2011 (NEC Birmingham, U.K.).

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