26 Feb 2012

Hit the Road Mac!

When we all despair about engineering and manufacturing taking the easy route down China way, there are reasons to be cheerful right here right now with Mac Motorcycles taking us down the fast lane in a sleek, designer-led classic British fashion. Those bikes were born to be wild, man: Captain America and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would do them justice, while Britannia can rightly claim to rule the roads once more, and that does us proud, yeah!

Sources: (1) to (4) All photography by Mac Motorcycles, via Carefully Considered. (5) The aforementioned Captain America (Peter Fonda) and Dennis Hopper revisit the American dream on Harley Davidson in Easy Rider (1969). Check out the 'Top 10 Memorable Movie Motorcycles' compiled by Time Entertainment. (6) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (the band that took its name from the Marlon Brando film).

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