8 Apr 2012


If like Mirabelle you are blessed with Mediterranean living conditions, Summer's now just a stone's throw away and already you are able to enjoy what the sun has to offer. However if you live much further north, odds might be against you, so we thought you are due a little visual heart-warmer. Enjoy, this is just for you!

Sources: (1) Michael McLaughlin, 'Beach, Rio' (2002), via 1stdibs (Robin Rice Gallery Fine Photography). This is an open invitation to blue yonder! (2) Via Fancy: 'Naka Island Resort at Phuket'. (3) Emily Summers's California Desert Retreat, via Architectural Digest. Mid-century and Californian desert can only mean Palm Springs! (4) Fancy (via) and (5) Touzet Studio Design & Architecture. You can only feel 'vacational' once you picture this residential jewel on the waterfront. One of Miami Beach's latest additions, La Gorce Estate was designed with clean lines in mind. Le Corbusier springs to mind, but the brief couldn't be more eloquent: "There was a threshold restriction that the layout of the residence and its placement on the site were to follow those of a residence the client had once owned. That property was a 1926, Mediterranean-style estate built for Carl Fisher." (6) 'Moving with the Music' (2009) by Brian Auer, via Fine Art Photoblog: 'A shot straight into the sun capturing people dancing at a drum circle in Venice Beach, California.' (7) Sunkissed, but neither shaken nor stirred by the evening breeze: 'The Escape' by Rickard Sund via Agent Molly. (8) 'Another Day Ends...' (2008) by Brian Auer: Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego, CA. (9) Via Tumblr, although the exact picture source remains unknown. The Boho Chic look complements admirably a poolside cocktail.

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