6 Apr 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy, leisurely, cosy, comfy, homely... Now this is one part of the week that we wish we could suspend in timelessness and keep it there so we may linger in it at our leisure. A day that sounds like sundae and tastes just as sweet and lovely, a legitimate duvet day where we take a breather from the pressures of the week, charge up our batteries, indulge breakfast in bed and maybe watch a film too, treat our taste buds to what reason forbids, give in to temptation of gâteau, open that doomed box of chocolates, whatever tickles our fancy.

Sink into a deliciously-fragrant bubble bath to the mellow sounds of music and take stock of life, enjoy a few snatched moments of our own company, muse over with those we share our life with, explore feelings, jot down ideas, discuss a project, plan a holiday, pick up the phone to catch up with friends and family. Step out the front door to pay a museum a long-overdue visit, or take a stroll down the park that will take us down the country pub on our way back to warm up over a hot beverage, or if the weather is balmy, lounge on the patio to enjoy a sun ray or two, and idle chat some more over a drink and a nibble, and before we know it, Sunday's closing down until next week and it's time to head home...

Source: (1) Rhubarb Fennel Fizz Cocktail, by Society South. (2) 'Finding Time and Losing It' blogpost by Melina Hammer, from her blog Licking the Plate. (3) This is Tickle (that's his name!), who is both Mirabelle and La Baguette's cheeky Jack Russell Terrier mascot, one darling of a little pet rescue adopted from Manchester Dogs Home (UK) in August 2006. (4) Pouf Square Plait (Detail) by Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs, via Etoffe. (5) Jasmine Lip Butter by Korres.

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