28 Mar 2016

Le Printemps

If there is one French word whose etymology sounds full of promise and poetry, then Printemps is it. Deriving from Latin primus tempus, Printemps - pronounced [prɛ̃tɑ̃], i.e. with silent '-ps' - heralds the first period of the year. Tempus lends the idea of tempo, rhythm, movement. And as nature is awakening from its Winter slumber, creativity gets the better of it... Take a leaf out of nature's book of inspiration!

Sources: (1) (Cropped) picture of Textile Sample Book from Paris, France, 1862, via The Metropolitan Museum. (2) Custom-Dyed Necklace by natural, vegan London-based dyer Rebecca Desnos. No animals are harmed in the process as all the dyes are plant-based. The botanical colours are soft and eye-pleasing, resembling diluted watercolours. They incorporate natural imperfections, ombrés and gradients. Do check out Rebecca's Instagram for more beautifully-staged plant-dye concepts! (3) Fresco at the Château de Beauvoir, in Échassières (Allier, France), decorated by French artist Claire Basler who works and lives at the château, the best of both worlds indeed! The walls of her abode are flamboyantly decorated in her trademark florals and trees, like the great outdoors have invited themselves in. The fine line separating indoors from outdoors - and that separating the living space from the work studio - is blurred further by dainty posies and larger-than-life bouquets of long-stemmed flowers that the artist scatters in vases around her living/ working space. (4) Nature keeps an eye on the bigger picture always and Spring prepares for Summer bounties! Chamomile ready for tincture (29-July-2015), by Avena Botanicals,an organic herbal apothecary and biodynamic garden set in Rockport, Maine, USA, founded by herbalist and gardener Deb Soule. (5) Ditch the dour face of Winter with a pack-a-punch vitamin smoothie! Spring Green Detox Madness Smoothie by the sunny happy crew over at Hello Glow. (6) The spirit of Spring in the English garden, as crisply captured by Sanderson's Maycott Prints. Pictured is the popular Primrose Hill fabric, in Cherry/ Primrose (Ref: DMAY221940). (7) The fabric is not only used to drape windows but also to upholster armchairs, as demonstrated in this fresh-looking sitting room by Period Living (27-Jun-2013) featuring the Verona Armchair by Multiyork. Photography by Dan Duchars. You just want to sink into that chair and sip on your Green Smoothie (6)... and a naughty slice of cream cake - I know you do! (8) Illustration by Aniko Levai, via Design Sponge (25-Jan-2016).

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