28 Aug 2016

Goldfinger! Liquid Gold for Photoshop and Illustrator

Hands up those looking for shimmer and sparkle at their fingertips in order to sublimate creativity out of the flatpack! Liquid gold all your while and there's no returning to the safe harbour of conventional font and design colours! Rose gold shall never be laid to rest for we shall lay it onto screen, print and beyond. Foil effects shall never foil as they unfold from the palette. Watercolour shall deliver its specks and streaks and watery blends like the real McCoy once translated to digital. Textured metallics that glitter and undulate with or without sunlight. Thanks Studio Denmark!

Source: Liquid Gold bundle for Photoshop ($20.00) and Liquid Gold bundle for Illustrator ($18.00) were both created by Alaina Jensen @ Studio Denmark, and are available to purchase from Creative Market.

** P.S: This is an affiliated article, it's got the magic links! If you like what you see and decide to make a purchase on Creative Market, Mirabelle will get some pocket money - thanks to you, my friend! Invested into cups of regal cakes and fancy coffee that will fuel this blog! How rad is that!

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