25 Feb 2011

Palm Springs: Playground of the Beautiful People

Every day is a holiday, and every holiday a poolside cocktail party, entertained by beautiful views stretching beyond the manicured lawns and over the sierra, while the hostess with the mostest and her chic lady friends strike a pose and discuss couture, husbands, children, travel, hobbies, gossip and (speculatively) young lovers... and not necessarily in that order.

Source: Poolside Gossip, by American jet-set photographer Slim Aarons (1970), featured on Photographers Gallery. The background to the photoshoot is Kaufmann Desert House, a jewel of mid-century California architecture designed in 1946 by architect Richard Neutra. The ladies sat at the front are Nelda Linsk and Helen Kaptur (the wife of Palm Springs architect Hugh M. Kaptur). Ambling towards them is actress Lita Baron.

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