2 Mar 2011

Modern Technologies in Retro Packages

Self-confessed "tortured artist, rogue scientist and international playboy" Alex Varanese is on a mission: to revisit the late 1970s with four staples of our modern-day technology, MP3 player, laptop computer, mobile phone and hand-held video game system, taken through a digital once-over with a resolute 1970s resonance; the kitsch optical twist and the copy tone lend a futuristic connection to the past by taking it off a tangent, almost like a visionary reinterpretation of vintage without complacency, which makes it a compelling project in a crazy professor sort of way!

Source: All illustrations by Alex Varanese, and part of his 'ALT/1977: We Are Not Time Travelers' 14-piece series project: (1) ALT/1977 Pocket Hi-Fi print ad, (2) ALT/1977 LapTron 64 print ad, (3) ALT:1977 MobileVoxx print ad, and (4) ALT:1977 Microcade 3000 print ad.

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