4 Mar 2011

Pale and Interesting (and Edible too!)

If these irresistible sugar-spun, lace-piped, glacé-coated, buttercream-frosted architectural confections are not destined to museum display cabinets, this is only due to their ephemeral nature (content), however they complement the most tasteful wedding tables, although according to Mirabelle you shouldn't require a special occasion to justify one of those to yourself: succumbing to temptation is a good enough excuse!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings:
  1. Quilted Wedding Cakes - Hawaiian Quilt-Inspired Wedding Cake
  2. Bridal Shower Desserts - Knot-inspired Miniature Cakes
  3. Quilted Wedding Cakes - Fondant-Covered Square Cakes
  4. Bridal Shower Desserts - Ice Cream Cups
  5. Quilted Wedding Cakes - Crazy Quilt Wedding Cake
  6. Quilted Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake with Japanese Sashiko Stitching
  7. Bridal Shower Desserts - Lace Tower Cupcakes
  8. Quilted Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake with Rings
  9. Bridal Shower Desserts - Luster-Dusted Meringues
  10. Pink and Red Wedding Cakes - Heart Wedding Cake
  11. Bridal Shower Desserts - Rose and Ginger Cupcakes
  12. Bridal Shower Desserts - Marzipan Cherries
  13. White Wedding Cakes - White Rose Wedding Cake
  14. Pink and Red Wedding Cakes - Cake with Camelias
  15. Bridal Shower Desserts - Miniature Sorbet Wedding Cakes
  16. Bridal Shower Desserts - Cherry Blossom Cakes

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