18 Apr 2011

A Colourful Design in Movement

Colour is at the basis of visual communication at large - from arts and media to the more mundane, either used randomly, or to create an ambience, a pattern, a symbol, convey a message or reinforce brand identity. Here each of the following two colour-strong images has tickled Mirabelle's fancy for a reason; the first one for its symbolic rigid static geometric stance, whereas the other - by contrast - for its movement, fluidity and vibrancy.

Sources: (1) Canadian Confederation Centennial logomark designed in 1966 by Stuart Ash, one half of the Gottschalk + Ash Canadian branding and design agency, via Aqua-Velvet. (2) 'Rainbow Swirls' mosaic (close-up) by Natalie Swarne (2008), via Flickr.

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