11 Jan 2013

New Year Pep Talk

Symbolically a New Year heralds a new beginning, a new lifecycle, an upsurge in energy and positive vibes, boosted by a plethora of desires, hopes, wishes, ambitions and resolutions. Come the second or third week of the year however, the outlook might appear a touch less rosier for whatever reason, as those hopes might start paling down into the day-to-day reality of life, wishes might start wobbling a notch, and resolutions slowly going up in smoke...

Instead of beating yourself up on those "failing" goals, just celebrate last year's achievements, and break down those ambitions for the New Year into more manageable, achieveable units. How about keeping it simple and down-to-earth, and celebrating the beauty of life, those little things and mundane moments that we tend to take for granted? Slow down the pace of your life to better enjoy the company of your loved ones, take the time to (re)discover your immediate surroundings, take a short journey to the local museum, the next town or the closest place of interest and immerse yourself into it. Make someone's day, bake a cake, perform random acts of kindness, give the local charity a hand, invest your spare time into a hobby or a cause. And in the process, see what you are about, find out who you truly are.

So make it happen in 2013! Find yourself, surprise yourself, and make this your year, your lucky year!

Sources: (1) 'Just Be Cool' gilded poster by thevaguely, via Etsy. (2) Via One Little Bird. (3) Via Crush Cul de Sac.

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