12 Jan 2013

Plastic Fantastic?

Following on our extremely popular Caught in the Pacific Trash Vortex post that highlighted social activist Chris Jordan's plea about the seabirds from the Midway Atoll, Mirabelle was contacted last month by the designers of an interesting educational infographic that really drew our attention further on the damage caused by the 'fantastic' yet pawned invention that is plastic. We have great pleasure in sharing this catchy bit of information with you.

As a beach babe living on the coast, Mirabelle is faced with the downside of plastic on a daily basis, so we thought we would even drill the awareness message further by adding an advert that also caught our eye. In our view, packaging as a whole needs a total rethink and overhaul, and the plastic supremacy needs to be toned down drastically. Plastic manufacturers/ suppliers and their immediate Fortune 100 clients are to blame, but then again it is up to the end consumer to "vote with their feet" and shun plastics for more sustainable less pollution-prone alternatives that will be less likely to end up back into the food chain. Folks, let's make this work and let's be smarter in 2013!

 Plastic Infographic 

Sources: (1) OnlineEducation.net. (2) Concept Ad WWF, by Eric Eykhout, via Behance: "Plastic litter from all over the earth ends up in the ocean, gets caught up in ocean currents and has created a giant swirling mass of 7 million tons of toxic debris dubbed 'The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.' The waters in this immense area contain 6 times more plastic than plankton, a primary food source for fish, marine mammals and ultimately affecting humans as well."

Additional Resources: Find out about professional surfer Kyle Thiermann's mission to help reverse plastic pollution effects on 'surfers paradise' coastlines across the world, via Surfing For Change.

Interesting update (18/07/2013): Two scientists manage to break down phtalates (soft plastic components), using bacteria! (via TED Talks).

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