25 Mar 2013

The Pan-American Highway

Now if you are pursued by rampant wanderlust like Mirabelle is at best of times, you want to take the road less travelled (by the conventional tourist), the road that clocks on and off shy of 30,000 miles, from the ice sloes of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the Southern tip of Patagonia, Argentina, a colonialist's dream, an adventure writer's vision of voyage, a stretch of tarmac interspersed with dusty bumpy roadtracks, and cinemascope landscapes as far as the eye can see... The world is a stage to those of us who choose to give their life the starry role it deserves.

Sources: (1) Cass Gilbert took on the crazy challenge of riding his mountain bike from the Northern Terminus of Pan-American-Highway Prudhoe Bay (as shown here, with an oil pipeline by the roadside) to the southern tip of Argentina, via Cuba. Follow his incredible journey on While Out Riding. (2) 'The Pan-American Highway', Mountain Drive to Quetzaltenago, Guatemala, by The Fuller Family blog (24/02/2011). (3) 'Arica Y Parinacota, Chile, Pan-American Highway', by thejourney1972 (South America addicted), via Flickr (07/06/2009).

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