5 Nov 2013

I Wanna Be Ador(n)ed!

We've heard that Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, while the only rock some chicks care about is the one they wish to wear on their wedding finger, while some would rather spend their Breakfast at Tiffany's, feasting their eyes on dazzling gems rather than forlornly sat at their local Starbucks in a tête-à-tête with their daily mochaccino-donut combo. So be it!

Mirabelle likes it easy, freestyle, free-spirited and way way cheaper (how about $22.00?) with no compromise on style and kudos. And the effect from those little facets adorning the Parvati's Cuff bracelet from Pondicherry is guaranted to rock you more than Queen or Her Majesty's crown jewels - in our opinion! Would you agree?

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