6 Nov 2013

J'Adore a Ristretto!

I might be on about TV advertising, and yes Christmas might be creeping up on us, but please let's give Toys 'R' Us and Coca Cola a rest. No disrespect here, but I'm aiming off a tangent away from our kids and teens towards an adult audience with a penchant for elegance and self-indulgence packaged up in timeless style with a deluxe proposition neatly delivered in an experiential mini-film.

Basically we come to the realisation that Christmas is hinted our way when one or both of those household stars sashay into our lounges uninvited (although we'd dream to invite them to stay!) and steal a minute or two of our precious viewing schedule, via the primetime advertising slot that interrupts our favourite programme. Yet - big difference - we don't mind an interruption of such a calibre. And bingo, those two have been teleporting their charms across our TV sets for a few seasons now, with each new season a revisit of the theme without a sign of fatigue in sight!

Ladies, when our easy-on-the-eye suave suited and booted modern Cary Grant a.k.a. Mr Clooney pops round for a presto Nespresso tête-à-tête for our TV eyes only, all our senses get magically awakened (am I talking taste buds?), even if we are no Clooney fans! In a world of swags, how can we resist the charm of such a true gentleman, I wonder?

Our slightly paranoid other halves know darn right we're not swooning over the latest shiny gadgets that come with the latest version of the Nespresso machine but eh they can comfort themselves with Christian Dior's commercial right here (I'm thinking of my dad who just so happens to be Charlize Theron's biggest fan!). Who can fault such excellent taste?

P.S: A great excuse to revisit the great 'Heavy Cross' soundtrack by Gossip!

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