16 Dec 2013

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog!

In pure Attack of the Cute style, here is our latest crush, who goes by the name of Darcy. But please don't let the name fool you... There is a spike or two to it! Yet once you've pictured which Darcy we're on about (no ladies, not that one!), you'll get the gist of it! Darcy rules the show on his Instagram page, all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, striking candid moody poses halfway between fashion glossies and Alice in Wonderland, with a smattering of humour, a touch of quirk and a splash of originality, and all under the photographic craftsmanship of self-proclaimed "Hedgehographer" Shota Tsukamoto.

We have My Modern Met to thank for this introduction to the candy-coloured, rose-tinted, pastel-hued world of Darcy, and we are sold to his cracking charm! Who needs Christmas as a cheer-up when you can just gaze at your heart's content at photos such as those! Enjoy!

Photographic source: Instagram.

February 2014 update: Sadly little Darcy passed away earlier this year. His book is a testimony to his life under the limelight, and his instant Instagram success!

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