1 Dec 2013

YSL Music Legends

Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Chuck Berry >> These musicians are living legends, and we'd be forgiven for calling them family. They are somewhat part of the furniture like grandad's rocking-chair or mum's favourite ornament. And when back in late Summer, YSL approached them as part ot its Saint Laurent Music Project, conducted by photography maestro Hedi Slimane in the form of a classic timeless tribute, a generation of fashionista freshers were about to (re)discover them - and we've happily joined the bandwagon!

Jerry, B.B. and Chuck... We have grown up with those guys playing somewhat in our background without realising it, making themselves familiar to us, weaving the soundtrack to our lives in all sorts of funny and weird ways: either by us rummaging through an older relative's record collection, or hearing their music as part of a movie soundtrack, or their names being mentioned by younger generations of musicians as musical legacy to Rock'n'Roll and Co. Their repertoire is a piece of Americana anthology.

The story even goes deeper, through a fond respectful attachment to the guys (regardless of whether we actually know much about them or listen to their music). They're household names, subliminally ringing a bell in our subconscious. Even if we are no music connoisseur, song titles like 'Great Balls of Fire' by Jerry Lee Lewis, 'Three O'Clock Blues' by B.B. King or 'Johnny B. Goode' by Chuck Berry are bound to - at the very least - ring a bell.

Those music legends are now in their late 70s to mid 80s, and when sadly they pass away, they won't just die, they will enter a form of immortality in the arcana of fame, remembered like Elvis or Sinatra, immortalised in the collective psyche. Those guys were meant to stay, not fade away. Like a classic YSL tuxedo.

Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis, Nesbit, Mississippi, August 15th 2013, wearing his Saint Laurent Classic "Teddy" Tux (pict source)
Mr. B.B. King, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 8th 2013, wearing his Saint Laurent "Le Smoking" (pict source)
Mr. Chuck Berry, Saint Louis, Missouri, September 7th 2013, wearing his Saint Laurent "Teddy" Tux (pict source)

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