3 Jan 2015

Be Your Own Sunshine in 2015 and Beyond!

Count your blessings daily. Do not wait for the proverbial sun to bless your off days, create your own sunshine! Step into the New Year with a new friend on board: yourself! That's right, be your own best friend, because the world is tough enough! Being your own best friend will be like wearing a crown or tiara. Your higher opinion of yourself will make you feel bright and breezy to yourself and others, not crushed by the weight of the world.

Secondo, do a little Feng-Shui in your life: clear off the bad vibes, the dead-end thoughts, the uninspiring home settings, the draining friendships, the broken halos and other disillusions. Stay kind to yourself and others, just let go of what is no longer necessary. Keep decluttering until you feel lighter. It is all about a little tweak here and there, a little physical or mental reorganising, nothing drastic, nothing daunting. Be your own sunshine in 2015 and beyond!

Sources: (1) "Couronne en Paillettes Façon Diadème" (Sequin Tiara), created by Marion Taslé for Marie Claire Idées. In the Christian calendar, The Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas season and is celebrated on the 12th day of Christmas, i.e. 6th January. In France, the celebration is commonly referred to as La Fête des Rois (The Kings Party) and involves the sharing with relatives, friends or even co-workers of the popular Galette des Rois (Kings Pie), a melt-in-the-mouth round puff pastry pie filled with Frangipane (a rich paste made up of butter, sugar, eggs, ground almonds and almond extract). Hidden in the paste is a Fève (literally a fava bean, nowadays replaced - or complimented - by a small ceramic figurine). Whoever gets the fava in their slice of Galette will be crowned King or Queen and wear a golden fleur-de-lys cardboard crown provided by the bakery/ pâtisserie shop at the time of purchase of the Galette. Pictured here is a much more elaborate and luxurious take on the crown, as creatives and crafters have a field day reworking the coveted headpiece, and putting their personal stamp on it! (2) Get motivated and kick-start the year with Lara Casey's Handwriting Desk Cards Gold Foil and keep the year in check with Lara's amazing Making Things Happen PowerSheets. (3) 'Small Ostrich Feathers in Blush Pink' by PLUMULEfeathers, via Etsy. Add a touch of glitter to your home environment, surround yourself with objects and books that are meaningful to you. Stay close or get closer to nature by collecting river pebbles, seaglass, feathers, seed pods. Keep it organic. (4) Uncredited source, via Pinterest.

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