9 May 2015

eBay Buy - 19th Century French Door Knocker

Mirabelle netted this little gem out of the eBay interwebs four weeks ago: a 19th century hand-shaped cast-iron door knocker, that I purchased straight off for 50 Euros (no auction) - from a vendor based in the Bordeaux region. A few days later, it landed through the post and I was over the moon about it!

The door knocker is to be fitted to the front door of the old Corsican family house, in replacement for the bronze one that used to be there - until it got stolen.

In the meantime, my personal track-record of five eBay purchases in the nine years since I opened my eBay account, can hardly describe me as the compulsive eBay shopper. Though convenience and the readily availability of vintage items got the better of me, when I considered getting a door knocker. I just didn't relish the prospect of scouring those junk shops and jumble sales miles away in the elusive hope of sourcing it, so eBay presented itself as an option of choice. Now I might have started developing a little compulsion over eBay as I am currently looking for sconces and a desk lamp. I shall keep you posted on this!

Source: All photography by Mirabelle.

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