9 Jul 2015

Collage, Montage, Donkelaar

Anne Ten Donkelaar's Flower Constructions are a demonstration of her craft as a paper artist, and general prettifier of botanics - pinned to a 'T' and everlasting as dried or cut-out flowers - with collages and montages ready to flutter off the page to embrace the beauty that the day has to offer.

Anne's de-facto herbaria for the contemporary curiosity cabinet are not all that she does. She is also a mender of the impossible, attending to the fragility of broken butterflies and other critters encountered in her daily travels, and fixing them with dignity, metamorphosing in the process their mortality into immortality. Far from looking odd or eccentric, her creations are collectables that look incredibly fresh, delicate, tasteful and clean-lined.

Source: All photography Anne Ten Donkelaar. (1) and (2): Flower Construction #64. (3) Flower Construction #45.

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