7 Aug 2015

Belle of the Ball and Lady of the Rings

Dainty to the fingertips of the soon-to-be-engaged-to-be-married Lady Mirabelle. The rings by British jewellery designer Alex Monroe are little dewy gems of faerical inspiration that are catchy, not out of brash and ostentation, but out of the exact opposite. The fact that they are slimline, discrete, whimsical, delicately feminine and original in design makes them stand out. So then, no sign of Liz Taylor-style XXL rocks here, and no exuberant price tags either!

Alex Monroe's designs feature precious and semi-precious stones set in 18 and 22ct yellow, rose or white gold, or platinum or sterling silver textured bands that are fashioned in such a way that they resemble twigs and other organic arts of nature. The rings are hand-crafted to spec in the artist's London atelier. They are statement pieces in their own right for all of life's occasions. This selection herein of eight affordable quality pieces of understated luxury, set in timeless aesthetic style, polished with character and individuality, resonate with Mirabelle's personality, as a match made in Heaven between form and function!

Source: Alex Monroe. Photographic compositions by Mirabelle. Clockwise from top left: (1) Enchanted Ring, (2) Half Eternity Papina Ring, (3) Wild Posy Twist Diamond Ring, and (4) Heritage Ring Seven.

Clockwise from top left: (5) Green Amethyst Forest Jewel Ring, (6) Teeny Tiny Pink Sapphire Ring, (7) Pale Green Sapphire Eyebright Ring, and (8) Morganite Hoya Ring.

The famed jeweller not only applies his talent to rings, but also to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lockets, brooches and cufflinks. More from Alex Monroe.

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