30 Jul 2017

Basket Case

Wicker, Seagrass, Sweet Grass, Bamboo, Sisal, Rattan, Raffia, Jute, Palm, Cork & Co. - any fibre and material that is golden blonde and organic lends itself beautifully to Summer, bringing a sunny coastal note while mellowing a home or dress code. Without further ado, check out Mirabelle's capsule selection for self and the home!

Pandora Gold Metallic Flecked Cork Covered Wedges by Jimmy Choo
Swarovski Crystal Embroidered Satin Adriana Espadrilles, by Oscar de la Renta
Large Natural Heart Raffia Zip Pouch in Lilac, by Aerin Lauder
Pom Pom Beach Bag in Ocean, by Mar Y Sol, via The Little Market
Coastal Inspiration by Maisons du Monde
White Island Tendances Déco, via Maisons du Monde
Mandala Woven Bamboo Box, via Maisons du Monde
Light Taupe Dancer Trivet, by All Across Africa
Oscar de la Renta Home Collection (pict source)
Coastal Inspiration by Maisons du Monde
Small Hope Bowl and other baskets by All Across Africa, via The Little Market
Sampano Storage Basket (detail), via Urbanara
Tiny Whimsical Basket in Gold, by All Across Africa, via The Little Market
Reina Peacock Chair, via Anthropologie

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