6 Feb 2011

Man vs. Nature - Northern Corsica

From the origins of human life, the great architect of the universe has "pitted" mankind against the elements and the natural world; in our daily peregrinations we may appreciate the evidence of complementarity between man and nature, their challenges and frustrations too, for in the quest for existence is a battle of the fittest, a Darwinistic illustration of every second spent on Earth...

Source: Pict 1-6: Taken by Mirabelle (2010) in the Northern Cape area of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, where like elsewhere man and nature fight it inch by inch, tooth and nail, for territory in sometimes harsh climatic and toponymic conditions. The indigenous vegetation has demonstrated its incredible adaptability and resilience to poor soil, rocky terrain and high temperature variations between night and day/ Summer and Winter. Some plants develop rampant networks of roots for that extra grip and quest for the precious water commodity.


  1. Mirabella I think this post is INSPIRING! This is one of my favourite concepts and I'm always thinking how design should incorporate nature. LOVE IT. Well done and thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures x


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