29 Mar 2011

In a Happy Mood

One cannot look at those illustrations without at least raising a smile; a smile is not only the most positive form of communication, it is also the most contagious. A smiling face brings another smiling face, and such expression involves less muscles than a frown, a sure win-win situation!

Sources (from top down): (1) 'Elephant' by Bob Daly Illustration, (2) 'The Pink Hat' by Paul Hartley, via Kevin Kidney @ Flickr Walt Disney Magazine, Volume 2, Number 5, August 1957, pp36-37), (3) 'Graphis Annual 1958-59' (International Advertising Art) by Celestino Piatti, via Sandi Vincent @ Flickr, (4) 'Hello Earl' by Orange You Lucky (Helen Dardik), and (5) 'Birthday Girl' by Ellen Giggenbach.

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