17 Sep 2011

Show Me Some Love!

Love may be shown in the most unusual places, by the unlikeliest people, at the ungodliest hour, all in all when you least expect it: via a lingering glance, a smile, a compliment, some lovely attention or little touch of some kind that will work the magic by pulling the heart strings, so then just go for it!

Sources: (1) Vintage, cute and quirky in equal measures, Night Owl Paper Goods has it all; and touch wood (take our word for it!), this design is printed on eco-friendly sustainability harvested yellow birch card. (2) Say it with a heart-shaped brooch, like this one made out of Fimo, by Kone Kyandi via A Little Market. (3) A touch of loveliness and some more with this 'love bird bowl' by Elizabeth Prince c/o Prince Design UK, via Folksy. (4) With endless possibilities in creatively conveying messages or formal declarations, charms are popular right now. This one by French fancy jewellers Agatha is called 'Boula', it is made of silver, glass and ceramic and available in a choice of 7 colour schemes (featured here is Fuchsia pink). Just pick your own!

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