28 Aug 2011

The Kooky Kitchen

It's the little things that make all the difference, the details that break up the triviality, the little touches that add interest and bring a compliment; so then, why not start with the kitchen?

Sources: (1) Always one step ahead, Anthropologie brings quirky home to its adoring fanbase. Check out their diamond-cut measuring cups. (2) Woolly but not fuzzy, here comes Herdy from Kendal, UK: good clean fun on the kitchen table thanks to those round rubber coasters in funky colours! (3) And finally, why not add some oomph (and romance!) to that cuppa with a sprinkling of rose-flavoured green tea from Kusmi Tea... We can hardly wait for the effect! (4) Guests will be equally impressed by the jigsaw cookie cutters from Cox & Cox!

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