5 Feb 2012

At Home with Kokeshis

In recent years, Kokeshis and Matriochkas have donned many guises in the purpose of entertainment and homely companionship: just check out our capsule photographic collection for some further inspiration!

Sources: (1) Brighton-based illustrator and blogger Kris Atomic, via her Other People's Houses photographic exhibition. (2) Hang on a minute! This can't be a kokeshi, it's Barbapapa! Photo from The Yvestown Blog (02/02/12). (3) 'Kimono Girl Bento Box', available to purchase online from the Victoria & Albert Museum shop. (4) 'Four Seasons Kokeshi Dolls' from the Japanese Shop. (5) Extract from Kris Atomic 's sketchbook. (6) Quirky kokeshi sketch by French up-and-coming Corsica-based artist and personal friend Isabelle Duvignon.

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