9 Feb 2012

Sweet Valentine

Without faffing about and without flinching, while floating like a cloud in a flurry of flimsy fluffly fickleness, I found a way to express how much I love you, how deep I care, without even writing the word down or saying it face to face; I just took advantage of the fact Valentine's Day is Lovers Day to express my feelings for you! Tomorrow is bright.

Sources: (1) Leave out the words and say it with hearts instead, you cannot go wrong if you go the pared down way, with this simple yet message-effective letterpress Valentine notecard from Claire Short @ Shortgrassdesigns via Etsy. (2) Bring sexy back all the way from Ukraine with this naughty bookmark with 'Personalised Valentine Tattoo on Sexy Butt', from Olena Mysnyk @ MyBookmark via Etsy. (3) Playing with old tin has never been so much fun for jewellery designer Kate Hamilton-Hunter, turning the mundane into the costume piece, like this 'Floral Romantic Bracelet', available to purchase from her site. (4) Keep it odd (as a number!) and decorative with Hotel Chocolat's 'Dark Lemon Truffles Keepsake Heart'. (5) Intellectualise it if you may with some poetry; here an extract from Pablo Neruda, via Department of the Interior. (6) And finally picture it and show it off! Photography love duo Bryan and Mae pictured by Bobbi + Mike, via Style Me Pretty. Love ain't dead baby, it's only the beginning!

But hang on, love wouldn't be so without its share of pain, right? 'Love Hurts' by Incubus:

'Love hurts...
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive.
Love sings,
When it transcends the bad things.
Have a heart and try me,
'Cause without love I won't survive'.

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