21 May 2014

Pimp Up Your iPhones!

Mirabelle has been a fan of artist, designer and illustrator Ellen Giggenbach's for a good four years now. Ellen has consistently delivered high-quality, colourful, impactful and cheerful folksy-inspired visuals that have since become her trademark. She has branched out into merchandising, which enables the end consumer to own a piece of Giggenbach artistry that is also practical, from totes to mugs via throw pillows, shower curtains and iPhone cases. And those design-led cases make the likes of Mirabelle wish to convert to iPhone just so they can clad it with the case! Go check out Ellen's Society6 and Etsy shops for more.

Source: All above iPhone cases from Ellen Giggenbach's Society6 shop. Designs: (1) 'Geo Still Life', (2) 'Flower Power' and (3) 'Summer Rain'.

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