4 May 2014

The Leafy Quarters

If your inner India Hicks awakens the wish for your abode to adopt the stylish beach house interior with a Southern Colonial/ Caribbean feel warmed up by a lush yet breezy exotic vibe that includes a larger-than-life leaf motif of the palm variety, you want to check out three classic patterns that make a timeless design chic statement - faultlessly and effortlessly.

Match with white painted woodwork in a satin finish. Cool down with an imposing vintage ceiling fan. Accessorise with rattan pieces (and that peacock chair!), plates of decorative pineapple and other exotic fruit for visual interest, and lashes of colourful curcuma and protea. Serve with Daiquiris. Infinity pool and pet parakeet optional.

1  - Voyage of Discovery WallpapersManila in Green and Ivory DVOY213367, by Sanderson

Source: 1a - 1b - 1c

2 - The Original Martinique Wallpaper a.k.a. Martinique "A" BH90210, Originally Designed for the Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room in 1942

Source: 2a - 2b - 2c

3 -  Custom-Designed Wallpaper by Idarica Gazzoni for Arjumand Wallpapers, as Featured at the LIZA Restaurant, East Beirut, Lebanon

Source: 3a - 3b - 3c

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