18 Jul 2014

Airs and Graces in the Garden

Gardens are works of art in motion and they come into their own in the Summer. They exhale their airs and graces, flowers bursting open to liberate enchanting aromas and riots of colours, long grasses swaying gently to a lukewarm breeze, butterflies delicately fluttering about, busy bees minding their own business, while the sun casts its indulgent glow like a gloss-over that enshrines beauty captured in the moment...

Sources: (1) Bee House, via Decoclico. (2) 'Verbena bonariensis', photography by LiamLondon (Liam Donnelly), via Flickr. (3) Colaptes auratus, 'Northern Flicker (Yellow Shafted) on a Tree Limb', photography by Lee Hunter via IBC (The Internet Bird Collection). (4) 'How To Make a Basil Mojito', via Drizzle & Dip. (5) 'A Cricket Playing Hide-and-Seek', via our sister blog La Baguette Magique.(6) Natural Rattan Garden Chair and Footstool by Sika Design, via Decoclico.

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