4 Aug 2014

The Foldio Portable Pop-Up Mini-Studio at Photojojo

Forsake the seashells she sells on the seashore... The tongue-twister of a title to our blogpost belies more than meets the eye, and if you are not yet acquainted with Photojojo's ingeniously geeky photo store, you need to make a 'click' dash right this second!

Traditionally Mirabelle likes to enhance technology with some DIY studio technique and in this regard, we have been known to use a white laminated drawer or a shoe box to achieve near-perfection photographic studio effect as background to stills. Now Photojojo takes the finickity out of any would-be DIY studio endeavours and delivers the finished good, which means that for less than $50.00 you will become the proud owner of a compact, lightweight, portable tabletop photographic studio, complete with the pre-requisites of three crisp backdrops and evenness of lighting, without having to lift much more than a finger or two! Professional results guaranteed and a must-have to give justice to any of your Etsy listings!

Buy the Foldio from the Photojojo Store!


  1. Thanks for the review! For our next product we'll have to look into that seashells by the seashore thing. :D

    1. Thank you so much, Photojojo! You are a star... and maybe even a starfish! ;-)


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