30 Sep 2017

Green with Envy

Rich Autumn colours of Burgundy and pomegranate reds, pumpkin orange, chocolate brown and aubergine purple are all well and good but when green ordinarily sends your heart aflutter, gives a spring to your step and takes nature indoors into a house party celebration of the bounties of life, there is simply no forsaking the colour green for a change of season.

There is not a more visual way to stamp personality onto a home than through wallcoverings and Style Libray is a worthy starting point. Now if green is your cup of green tea like it is mine, they have a sampled variegation of greens to explore at our leisure...

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

'Cashmere Paisley' wallpaper by Sanderson

As the largest soft furnishings group in the UK, Style Library operates a portfolio of six British brands, two of which of iconic, heritage status Sanderson  and Morris & Co. Sanderson, established 1860 in Islington, London, by Arthur Sanderson, was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1923 and then again in 1955. Morris & Co. was established 1861 by famed textile designer, typographer, poet, philosopher and political theorist William Morris (1834-1896). Mr. Morris is associated with the Pre-Raphaelites and the English Arts & Crafts Movement. His wallpaper designs translate naturalism through the Aesthetic style.

The other brands under the Style Library umbrella are luxury wallcovering creator and archive curator Zoffany, colour trend-setter Harlequin, Scandi-inspired and Mr. Fox prints Scion, and contemporary wallpaper designer Anthology.

'Verdure' fabric by Zoffany
'Strawberry Thief' wallpaper by Morris & Co.
'Caverley' fabric by Sanderson

Sources: (1-5) Style Library. (1) Rest assured: this frilly foliage is no fuddy-duddy! The 'Cashmere Paisley' wallpaper (colourway code: DART21680) is part of the aptly-named Art of the Garden botanical wallpaper collection by Sanderson. A fresh and dainty paisley design in a sage colourway that is more neutral than feminine, Cashmere Paisley will light up a North-facing room like no other. Pair with white-painted woodwork in satin finish and a quality sisal floorcovering to add warm texture. To make the room shine boldly, introduce a statement Murano glass floral chandelier in a contrasting coloured glass of pink or blue. Without a shadow of a doubt, that North-facing room of yours will start enjoying the bright side of life!

(2) For those of us who seek a heritage linen fabric that does not look like it belongs in the National Trust, 'Verdure' (colourway code ZAMW320465) by Zoffany is worth considering. Based on a late 17th century painted cloth, Verdure will take your windows on a wondrous wander across pastoral lands. With the church in the background and tea-time beckoning, the only question on your mind will be: 'More tea, vicar?' The design has a modern (Art Nouveau) quality to it and the teal green oscillates between turquoise and slate.

Green paint shades, top row from left: Misty Mint, Queen Anne Green Light and Green Shoot (all three by Sanderson); bottom row from left: Lime Cloud, Green Almond (both by Sanderson), and Fennel (by Zoffany).

(3) As an action-packed heritage wallpaper for a single feature wall contrasting with the other walls in a plain cream, 'Strawberry Thief' (colourway code DMCR216477) by Morris & Co. beckons. As the pièce de résistance to your dining room, it will be your conversation piece as soon as guests arrive and companion piece once they are gone. Originally a cotton fabric design, it was registered in 1883. One of the most popular Morris fabrics, it is now available as a wallcovering.

(4) For a bird theme that is less prominent than Strawberry Thief, combined with only a few hints of green supported by pops of floral pink on a mustard canvas (referred to here as Chinese Yellow), the 'Caverley' fabric (colourway DCAVCA202) by Sanderson does the trick. It resmbles a tapestry, with a Chinoiserie influence although the design is described as being 'typically English in style' despite its exoticity. It is based upon an early 19th century hand-block print.

(5) Green paint collage by Mirabelle. Paint shades, top row from left: Misty Mint, Queen Anne Green Light and Green Shoot (all three by Sanderson); bottom row from left: Lime Cloud, Green Almond (both by Sanderson), and Fennel (by Zoffany).

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