31 Jul 2011

Start Something

Whenever you go round in circles, skip a beat and lose track of things, whenever you feel stuck in a rut, chained down to a reality that has lost its sheen, tell yourself that fate has nothing to do with it. Life is a series of options and opportunities and it is up to you to see them, seize them or make them happen to become what you aspire to be, rather than be your worst (best?) enemy, feeling sorry for yourself. So then, put your skates on because it won't be long until the best that life has to offer you will have passed you by and you'll be that bitter old prune stuck to a dusty corner of that dirty old couch, watching those same old re-runs from back in the day when you could have chosen to get up and go and make it all happen!

Sources: (1) Pack of Holstee greeting cards featuring the inspiring (2) Holstee Manifesto, an invitation to stand up, get creative and live your life to the full. (3) Take the plunge with Arcade Fire's awesome concert poster at Seattle's Key Arena on 26/09/2010, which was designed by Invisible Creature and is available to purchase from Poster Cabaret as a hand-made screen print.

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