16 Aug 2011

Vintage Flavours

Here today, gone tomorrow: here's the kind of vintage that won't last in time, yet last in effect, with nostalgia galore that whips us back like an ice cream to the sunny side up of British seaside, with edible creamy colours and flavours that sound like Knickerbocker Glory, Peach Melba and Neapolitan, resistance is futile!

Source: From British chocolatier, cocoa grower and chocolate reinventor Hotel Chocolat.(1) Header from their 'Summer Sizzlers' email newsletter (July 2011). 'Knickerbocker Glory' available in (2) + (4) Neapolitan and (3) Peach Melba flavours. (5) 'Making Sandcastles' Raspberry Chocolate Puddles. (6) Sweeter than a Carry On film, the 'Carry On Gift Box'!

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